Jilly Dybka

I was a webmaster (since the days of Lynx and Archie haha) & sys admin for a long time but now I am disabled from Ehlers Danlos syndrome and secondary dysautonomia. There was a blog here for 7 years but I am too sick to maintain it. I can be reached at

Jilly Dybka
PO Box 81
Kingston Springs TN 37082 USA


Queens University of Charlotte, 2006, MFA Creative Writing (poetry)

University of Tennessee, 1998, MS Information Sciences

Tennessee State University, 1996, BA English/Honors Program


Presenter, baseball poems: The 12th Conference on Baseball in Literature & Culture, 2007.



Trouble And Honey, 2008. [As of 8/8/2014 it is up at Archive.org with a Creative Commons license.]


The Book of the Tales of Circus Zimba, 2008. Out of print.

Fair Territory: Baseball Poems, 2004. [As of 8/8/2014 it is up at Archive.org with a Creative Commons license. I have a few print chapbooks still left; email for info]


Lost Things. Letters To The World: Poems From The WOM-PO Listserv. Red Hen Press, 2008.

The Log Lady's Log Whispers To Her. A Slice of Cherry Pie, Private Press, 2006.

I have married a crow. The Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel, No Tell Books, 2006.

2 hay(na)ku. The First Hay(Na)Ku Anthology. Meritage Press, 2005.


Review, Trouble And Honey: "Please do take the time to read this lovely book." [pdf] -- Heather Collings, Main Street Rag, Spring 2009.

Review, Trouble And Honey: "This is poetry that encourages attention and patience, as does much of Dybka's best work." -- Janis Lull, Bookslut, September 2008.

Review, Trouble And Honey: "I can't easily explain this, but reading deeper into this book was like walking into a familiar room that has had the furniture rearranged." -- publisher and poet Justin Evans. [defunct web page]

Review, Fair Territory: Phil Billings [pdf] Spitball: The Literary Baseball Magazine. 2005.

Review, Fair Territory: Michael Wells [pdf]

Review, Fair Territory: At Home Plate [pdf] Jonathan Leshanski May 14, 2005

Kingston Springs couple makes art for love's sake, Ashland City Times/ Nashville Tennessean newspaper, August 27, 2008. [expired]


Poem of The Week: Brush Back. pitchers & poets, August 18, 2009. read online

4 Poems. wicked alice, winter 2009. read online

Obstacles I Have Faced in Life and How I Have Overcome Them. tuesday; An Art Project, 2007.

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psilocybin mushrooms sprout at the arizona community college. defenestration, 2004. read online

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Grand Prize: Chronogram 2007 Humor Contest. Read online

Pushcart Prize nomination, December 2005, for The Retired Vietnam Munitions Loader Attempts to Open a Can of Biscuits, which appeared in Michigan Quarterly Review.

Honorable mention: Poems Niederngasse Poetry Contest (Switzerland), May 2005.

West Chester Poetry Conference, Scholarship Recipient, 2004.

Honorable mention: Out & About Nashville. 2003 Pride, Prose and Pose Contest.